We Created a Course on Cannabis Compliance and Ethics. Here’s Why it Matters:

Since launching Cannabis: Compliance and Ethics earlier this year we received some really great feedback from the financial services industry. Some even had initial doubts that it was about promoting recreational cannabis use, but discovered that this course is about understanding the new laws of recreational cannabis use in Canada, workplace policies, and the current gap that exists between the two.

For client-facing planners and advisors, whose jobs do not end when they leave the office, new cannabis laws and existing workplace policies on recreational cannabis use may not address the scenarios where an advisor’s work is around the clock.

We wanted to provide a course that made it easy for financial professionals to understand the new laws on recreational cannabis use, and at the same time, provide employers with guidance on how they can modify their workplace policies to strike a balance between a company’s objectives and the Rights of its employees.

We invite Canadian financial professionals to experience the course for themselves. Cannabis: Compliance and Ethics is available now to Learnedly subscribers. New users can access the course and the entire Learnedly platform with a 30-day free trial, and $20 a month after that.

For more information about the course, visit www.learnedly.com/cannabis