ETF Proficiency Course Open to Subscribers

When we launched our ETF Proficiency Course in April we quickly realized how many MFDA firms are still setting up to make ETFs available for their clients. Not only do firms require ETF proficiency training for their representatives, but they also need to have the proper platform and infrastructure in place to access ETF marketplaces.

We don’t believe that training should wait until firms are set up to offer ETFs. So we’re excited to announce that we’re adding our ETF Proficiency Course to our subscription platform, making it even more accessible to financial industry professionals. Learnedly subscribers can now access the full ETF Proficiency Course, along with a growing library of other courses, for just $20 a month.

Video content, designed for mobile and downloadable for offline viewing. Completing your ETF proficiency requirement has never been easier. Learnedly is about making financial training simplified and accessible for Canada’s financial services industry. This is just one more way we’re making that happen.