New Course Update

What a busy month it's been for us here at Learnedly. We continue to focus on building the most convenient and low-cost training resource for Canadian financial professionals. June was no exception! More resources for our free account option, and more courses for our subscribers... And we're just getting started. Here are the highlights: 

Updates to the Free Account

In the 2018 Rates and Reference tool, we've added a new list of consumer protection resources for Canadian investors, including links to federal and provincial deposit insurance organizations, investor protection funds and industry ombudsmen. 

Course Samples Cover Image.001.png

We created Course Samples to give people a way to check out the content we're building in the subscription platform, without subscribing.  Taste the food before ordering the buffet! Access Course Samples for free with your Learnedly account. 

New Courses for Subscribers

RazorPlan: Getting Started

RazorPlan: Getting Started

We're really excited to partner with Razor Logic Systems to bring you an entire training course on using their financial planning software, RazorPlan. Whether you're currently using RazorPlan, or just checking out different financial planning software, this course will show you how to get the most out of RazorPlan and start crushing financial plans. 

Intro to Economics

No financial training platform is complete without a fundamental economics course. From supply and demand, business cycles and inflation, to GDP, monetary and fiscal policy, you'll learn how economists observe and measure movements in the economy and why that matters to investors. 

Client Communication and Financial Planning

At the heart of financial planning is the advisor's ability to communicate with clients. And in this course, we dive into the client communication process and the six-steps of financial planning.  

Canadian Securities Exam Volume One Exam Prep

For anyone enrolled in the Canadian Securities Course™️, or anyone considering taking the course, we've added two 50-question prep tests to help you prepare for the Volume 1 exam. (Volume 2 prep exams are on their way!)


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