Recreational cannabis use is now legal in Canada. But what does that mean for Canadian financial professionals? What are the rules and how do they apply to advisors who work outside of the office and beyond nine to five? In this course, we dive in to the laws, rules and ethical considerations of recreational cannabis use for Canadian financial professionals.



  • Understand new cannabis laws

  • Learn about workplace policies

  • Impairment - workplace and driving

  • Ethical dilemmas

  • Codes of conduct

  • Responsibilities to the industry


This course was created to help Canadian financial professionals understand the essential laws around recreational cannabis use.

We discuss cannabis in the workplace for modern and mobile advisors, client scenarios where new laws and old workplace policies may conflict, a review of regulatory codes of conduct and your responsibilities to the industry.

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On October 17th, 2018, the federal Cannabis Act has made it legal to purchase, possess, consume and cultivate cannabis in Canada for recreational purposes.

Although federal laws set the stage for legalizing recreational cannabis use, provinces & territories, municipalities and employers can impose further restrictions. Before you partake, get familiar with the regulations in your area.


Despite federal and provincial regulations, municipal bylaws, and workplace policies, financial professionals will encounter situations where current rules are vague or simply do not exist. This is especially true for client facing professionals.

How will the new cannabis laws and workplace policies address client social events? Client prospecting? Giving and receiving nominal gifts?

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