Customizing Your ETF Training Course

ETF training requirements for MFDA Dealing Representatives are not just limited to the curriculum outlined in the MFDA’s Policy #8 on offering ETFs to clients. There are also internal training requirements, specific to each Dealer firm offering ETFs, which must be covered:

  • How to retrieve ETF quotes from your quoting source;

  • Specific trade types offered and information required;

  • How trades are processed;

  • Account types in which ETFs will be offered;

  • Compensation structures for selling ETFs; and

  • Product information for ETFs being offered.

Customize Your Course

With Learnedly’s ETF Proficiency Course you can integrate internal training content into a customized learning experience for your employees. Save your advisors time and headache with one training resource, comfortably at their fingertips.


  • Satisfy MFDA proficiency and internal training requirements for offering ETFs;

  • Satisfy compliance examination requirements with student transcripts and course certificates;

  • Get scheduled group progress and completion reports;

  • Save time with a convenient learning experience;

  • Access all content in just three clicks with Learnedly’s mobile app;

  • Download the course to your phone to complete anywhere and anytime;


Looking at purchasing the ETF Proficiency Course for your firm? Reach out to us to ask how we can integrate your internal ETF training requirements into our ETF Proficiency Course for a customized and seamless learning experience.

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