ETF Proficiency Course

For Mutual Fund Dealing Representatives

This course is all about satisfying the proficiency requirements for mutual fund Representatives to offer exchange traded funds (ETFs) to clients. Learn about the basics of ETFs; how they're created, purchased and redeemed; and the risks, features and benefits of ETFs. 



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The course follows the curriculum requirements outlined in the MFDA's Policy Number 8:

Proficiency Standard for Approved Persons selling Exchange Traded Funds ("ETFs")

Course Outline

Introduction to ETFs

  • ETF Introduction

  • Defining an ETF

  • Licensing Requirements and Limitations

  • ETFs that may be Sold by Dealing Representatives

  • Inverse ETFs

  • Leveraged ETFs

  • Commodity ETFs

Regulation of ETFs

  • Disclosure Documents

  • ETF Facts Document

  • Continuous Disclosure

  • Investment Restrictions

  • Independent Review Committee (IRC)

  • IRC Conflict Decision Tree

Characteristics of ETFs

  • Passive Vs. Active ETFs

  • Rules-based ETFs

  • Creating and Redeeming Units

  • Comparing ETF Features and Benefits

  • Operating Costs

ETF Risks

  • ETF Risks

  • Equity Risk

  • Interest Rate Risk

  • Currency Risk

  • Foreign Investment Risk

  • Style Risk

  • Counter-party Risk

  • Market Price Discount/Premium

  • Tracking Error

  • ETF Risk Commercial

Exchange Trading

  • Introducing Financial Markets

  • TSX Trading Schedule

  • Standard Trading Units

  • Trading ETFs on an Exchange

  • Market Depth and Liquidity

  • How an ETF is Quoted

  • Understanding the Role of the Designated Broker

  • Market Makers

  • Measure Units for Processing a Trade

  • Place a Trade

  • Settling a Trade

  • Changing a Trade Order

  • ETF Trade Orders: Quantity

  • ETF Trade Orders: Duration

  • ETF Trade Orders: Price

  • ETF Distributions

  • Cum-distributions and Ex-distributions

  • ETF Splits and Consolidations

Investing in ETFs

  • ETFs and Taxes

  • Portfolio Management

  • Understanding Beta

  • Understanding Alpha


  • Universal Market Integrity Rules (UMIR)

  • Trading Halts

  • Circuit Breakers

  • Best Execution for Entering Trade Orders

  • Obligations to Your Client

Final Test

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