Privacy laws in Canada are a pretty big deal. And employers need to ensure that employees are on top of their privacy game. It’s not just good business – it’s also the law.



  • Understand Personal Information and Privacy Legislation

  • Understand PIPEDA

  • Complaints to the OPC

  • How the Privacy Commissioner Handles Complaints 

  • Audits of Personal Information Management Practices

  • PIPEDA's 10 Fair Information Principles

    • Accountability

    • Identify the Purpose for Collecting Information

    • Obtain Informed Consent

    • Express and Implied Consent

    • Exceptions to the Consent Principle

    • Limit Collection

    • Limit Use, Disclosure and Retention

    • Be Accurate

    • Use Appropriate Safeguards

    • Be Open

    • Give Individuals Access

    • Provide Recourse


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