Diminishing capacity and financial exploitation of seniors has become a top priority among regulators of the financial services industry. Learnedly's course, Vulnerable Clients, was created to help support the financial services industry and protect vulnerable investors.



Introduction (2:42)

Vulnerable Clients Intro Quiz

Old Age and the Decline in Financial Literacy (1:53)

Demographic Shift in Canada (2:57)

The Wealth Transfer (3:03)

Financial Concerns with Aging (2:50)

Who are Vulnerable People? (3:50)

Challenges Dealing with Vulnerable Clients (2:51)

Normal Cognitive Aging (2:21)

Cognitive Impairment and Dementia (2:36)

Warning Signs of Dementia (1:42)

Understanding Elder Abuse (3:42)

Elder Financial Abuse (6:05)

Scams Targeting Seniors (4:32)

Case: Kathleen (1:49)

Penalties and Enforcement (1:48)

Regulatory Requirements for Advisors (1:36)

Regulatory Requirements for All Advisors (1:11)

Suitability (2:23)

Know Your Client (KYC) (3:00)

Know Your Product (KYP) (2:44)

Regulatory Changes for Advisors (0:58)

Communicating With Your Clients (1:15)

Good Communication Practices for Senior Clients (1:59)

Handling Complaints (0:51)

Regulatory Expectations (1:08)

Important Client Documents (0:33)

Power of Attorney (POA) (1:51)

Spotting and Preventing POA Abuse (1:54)

Trusted Contact Person (TPC) (2:41)

Temporary Holds on Client Disbursements (2:24)

Understanding Capacity (2:06)

Evaluating Capacity (4:10)

Taking Steps if Incapacity or Abuse is Suspected (2:05)

Firm-level Measures to Protect Senior Clients (2:38)

Implementing an Escalation Process (2:11)

Conclusion (2:00)

Vulnerable Clients Final Test


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